Design Sprint: Streamlining digital projects in 5 days

UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada

How does Design Sprint work?

UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada
UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada

Jake Knapp, the Design Sprint method’s creator, gives a super-fast introduction to the design stages. Check it out!

Design Sprint Process explained in 90 seconds.

The result of Design Sprint, therefore, is not the result itself, but what you will do from there. Gather alignments, feedbacks, researches and analyzes the solutions to touch the project without getting attached to the process.

Google Design Sprint — APP Memrise

In this following video, the Memrise team talks to the Google Design Sprint professionals to create a prototype for the Memrise application language learning experience in London, UK.

Google Design Sprint with Memrise

What are the benefits of Design Sprint?

We can list some of the benefits of developing a digital project with Design Sprint, such as

  • Reducing the risk of failure;
  • Increase the efficiency gain and align the team;
  • Establish an initial process or set the direction for a new effort.
UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada
UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada

Design Sprint: How to start?

Once the challenge is defined and the multidisciplinary team is in place, time must be set aside for the project, with immersion and agendas blocked. It is also essential to determine a facilitator for Design Sprint to lead the meeting, synthesize the discussions and get the project moving.

Is Design Sprint for all kinds of digital projects?

Definitely not. If your team is developing a new product and the goals and solutions are already clear to the company, maybe Design Sprint is not applicable. More than practice, Design Sprint proposes the Discovery phase; that is, if your business idea needs something more tactile and or if you are still confused in its definition and scope, Design Sprint can help. :)

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