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It is not about ‘how to immigrate to Canada’, but how I got there.

Marcos Rezende. Eagle Nest Lookout — Greater Madawaska, Ontario. Canada

There we go!

Changing your lifestyle, language, culture, climate, home, job, friends, laws and customs. In other words, changing your life. Moving to another country is not for everyone. But before pack the bag in Brazil and go to Canada, I needed to prepare myself.

Moving to another country is a decision that does not just involve YES or NO. When I am asked, “Why Canada?”

Donate Your Hair — NGO Case Study — UX/UI


Donate Your Hair is a campaign that used social data to encourage the donation of locks of hair for the benefit of children with cancer. To increase the donation rate was created an A/B Testing to verify the best version by the conversion rate.

Client: NGO Cabelegria (Top 10 Small NGOs in Brazil — 2020)

City: Vitória, Serra e Vila Velha, Brazil

Timeline: 8 weeks

Roles and Responsibilities

Professionals involved in the project:

  • UX Designer and Research (My role)
  • Project Manager
  • CopyWriter
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Marketing Manager


How might we sensitize people spontaneously on the internet to donate locks of hair for a…

After immersing myself in a confidential UX project in Canada 🇨🇦, I decided to share the lessons learned in no mysterious way.

Takeaways — UX Case Study — NDA


I’ve learned more by getting my hands dirty in new areas of study that I really needed to dedicate myself to than by doing what I do on a daily basis. My challenge as a UX professional was to develop alterity in this case study as a UX Designer and Researcher. Even though I can’t share all of my findings, saving the key ideas to remember is the most important thing. It’s all about learning. …

How to use Co-design methods to designing WITH people to improve systems and services? This guide can help you to discover.

Beyond sticky notes — Marcos Rezende notes

We spend a lot of time talking about people assuming that we already have the answers or the solutions to the problems. When we project onto others, we often shape the solutions based on our values and how we think about people, even trying to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

Looking for this perspective, Kelly Ann McKercher created the “Beyond Sticky Notes” guide. Pardon the spoilers, but I assure you that the right reasons for sharing them. This was…

UX Strategy | Digital Project — Ottawa, Canada

Before handing on developing prototypes, sitemaps and wireframes, we need to raise questions regarding the product — as much as possible. So, nothing better than knowing the circle involving the user experience, whereas decisions based on user-centred design in User Experience Design projects.

The purpose of User Experience is to work to make it easy and pleasant interaction and user contact with your brand through its products or services, viewing elements, communication or usability. It’s essential to comprise all the variables such as desires, emotions and experience of a person.

UX step is disregarded in many projects. Some companies often…

Decision-making is an arduous task when it comes to design. Being a field of study that blends science and art, it is often wrongly analyzed only based on visual appreciation criteria, put on evidence personal preferences. I know. It is frustrating! That’s why a design review shouldn’t just be feedback left in your mailbox on a Friday night with urgent changes for next Monday. Definitely, not.

During my journey as a UX Designer, I was frustrated to be reminded of the phrase “The client is always right” by the simple fact that they cost the project. …

The UXR Collective selected the key points of the remote #UXRConf Mini (August Edition). The event offered outstanding content from the User Experience Research perspective.

UX Process / Design Sprint — Ottawa, Canada

Imagine knowing customers' reactions before investing time and money in the building and development of a product. That is the Sprint method's proposal, created by former Google employee Jake Knapp to develop and test ideas in just five days.

Jake Knapp tested hundreds of sprints in different startups around the world and with the book “Sprint: the Method Used by Google to test and apply new ideas in just five days.” The designer popularized his technique in recent years, making it accessible to any digital project willing to evolve its maturation, starting without fear of making mistakes.

How does Design Sprint work?

Minha Vitória / UX Case Study. Ottawa, Ontario —  Canada


Minha Vitoria: a collaborative platform to share suggestions for Urban Master Planning intended to review and regulate the urban aspects of Vitoria city — Brazil, for the next ten years.

Target: All residents of voting age.

Client: Vitoria City Hall (ES. Brazil. (Top 5 ‘Connected Smart Cities’).

Tools: Pen & Paper, Post-it Notes, Axure, Mind Meister, Skype, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Timeline: 9 weeks


How to stimulate the interest of city dwellers in sending suggestions online, if in person the number of participants involved is just people more engaged in the community? 🤔


  1. Review and regulate the urban aspects of the…


Reaction: an e-learning project that considers behavioural and cognitive aspects for its development, positively stimulating users’ behaviour, awareness and education about conscious consumption in an elementary school.

Target: Students (male and female, 10 -11 years old)

Client: Elementary School, MG. Brazil.

Tools: Pen & Paper, Post-it Notes, Moqups, Flow Mapp, Coogle Mind Map, Skype, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Timeline: 25 months


What would students do with their own decisions when placed in a choice situation, in which every decision, however small, could put the planet’s life at risk? 🤔


  1. Provide a didactic resource, through instructional design, which aims to contribute to…

Marcos Rezende

User Experience Designer based in Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦

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